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Video Recording

If you’re someone looking for an actively working individual or a team to:


  • Handover your projects to be produced or directed

  • Develop a project with

  • Wants a screenwriter to pen down a screenplay making your ideas come to life

  • Or wants to have a fresh perspective/feedback on a screenplay you have written


Then I might be someone who can help.

White Sand and Stone

My expertise lies in

Direction, Production, Screenwriting and Script Consulting.

My offering is perfect for you if...

Director of Photography

If you are looking for a


If you have a screenplay and you’re looking for a Director who can translate your vision into an audio-visual narrative.


This generally includes feature films, web series, short films, music videos and television/ web commercials.

Image by Chris Spiegl

If you are looking for a


If you’re looking for a Screenwriter to convert your story idea/concept into an engaging narrative that would not just do justice to your native idea but to enhance it further.

This generally includes feature films, web series, short films and music videos.

Image by Natalie Parham

If you are looking for a


If you’re looking for a Producer to take over the production responsibility of the project. Depending upon the size and the timeline of the project I usually involve my production company team (An Eve Films) onto the project.


This generally includes feature films, web series, short films, music videos and television/ web commercials.

Image by Dan Counsell

If you are looking for a


If you’re a film student, screenwriter, film producer or just about anyone having a screenplay and are looking for a Script Consultant to give you detailed feedback and coverage on story, structure, tone, pacing, conflict and character arcs.

I have helped a lot of screenwriters by providing my perspective on their screenplays.

how does it work?

Vintage Movie Projector



I truly believe perspective is everything. And as much as I believe in it

I am a true believer of structure.

If you decide to work with me for any of the above offerings,

I pretty much work with a similar workflow to get things started.


Whether we connect in person or offline, my first step always includes knowing your problems and your desired goals. I believe active listening and communication is essential for any creative project.


That’s when we discuss my take, possible creative solutions, budget, deliverables and the timeline. This part is crucial for you to know whether I understand your project the way you see it.


Based on our mutually agreed terms I send you a proposal and an invoice to lay out the terms of the project.


We draft an agreement that mutually works for all of us.

getting started

This becomes the ideal stage to start work on a project.

what i do?

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